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Despite my pale complexion, I was actually born and raised in Brazil. One day, I looked at my beautifully tanned Brazilian skin and thought "I would like, in fact, to look like a corpse"; therefore a decision was made to pursue higher education in the sun-less lands of the PNW.

I graduated in 2018 from DigiPen and was awarded the Valedictorian medal for my cohort. I was actually second in line to receive the award but the first place guy didn't show up.

Originally I wanted to be an animator but quickly realized that I'd never get a job at it being 1) Latina on a visa;  and 2) bad at it. So out of desperation I made a last minute shift to tech art. I like it so far, and it helps sustain my cat's lavish lifestyle.


me in a zoom meeting circa 2020 

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