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Character Rigging | Yori | Part II

I'd like to thank my friend and Character Artist, Miki Bishop, for letting me use this character for this series.



Today I'll be sharing some skinning tricks. Most of the video is sped up but I've time-stamped the important bits.

Combining our geometry with skinning in mind helps the process go smoother. For example, in the video, because the backpack mesh is separate, we can skin them to the backpack joints without having to paint off weights from the body joints.

Other skinning tricks shown in the video:

03:41 Grow/Shrink Selection with "SHIFT" + "<" or ">"

04:43 Transpose Skinning from Low Poly Geo to Higher Poly Geo

09:17 Hammer Skin Weights Tool

10:36 Skinning with texture in mind

11:28 Fixing joints that are parented incorrectly after skinning

13:38 Skinning Bug in Knee Pads

14:59 Move Skinned Joints Tool

19:43 Using the Component Editor and Stretching your rig to check for mistakes

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week!


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