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Character Rigging | Yori | Part III

Updated: May 21, 2021

I'd like to thank my friend and Character Artist, Miki Bishop, for letting me use this character for this series.


FK/IK Switch

Happy Tech Art Tuesday! This week we'll be making the character's left arm. We'll be making both FK and IK rigs, then a switch control that the animator can use to toggle between them.

Today's video tutorial:

At 4:14, you'll notice me talking about a script I use to quickly compensate my control curves.

It's a very simple function. You can paste it into a python tab of your Script Editor, select all of it (or just the last two lines), then middle-mouse-button-drag it into one of your shelves to make it into a button. To use it, select a curve and click the button!

def compensateCtrl(ctrl):
    dupCtrl = cmds.duplicate(ctrl)
    cmds.delete(ctrl, constructionHistory = True), add = True)
    cmds.parent(shape = True)
    cmds.pickWalk(type = "nodes")
curSel = = True)

I'm hoping to release the next part this Thursday. We'll be learning how to build a twist setup on top of this FK/IK rig we finished today.

Edit 09/17/2020: On second thought, I feel like the video I made for Thursday wasn't really up to my standard of quality, so I'll be re-shooting it today. Hopefully it will be released Friday or next Tech Art Tuesday. Thanks for you support and patience :)

Stay awesome and smart,


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