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Character Rigging | Yori | Part IX

Updated: May 21, 2021

I'd like to thank my friend and Character Artist, Miki Bishop, for letting me use this character for this series.


Jiggly Bits! Right Side of the body!

Since we already covered this stuff in previous videos, this is just a timelapse of me doing it. This is *not* a tutorial, I just wanted to document how the overall process goes. There's a lot of troubleshooting involved.

Here's what we got done today:

- Clavicle controls

- Root control

- Head, helmet controls

- Right side (arms, leg)

- Jiggly bits! Like the shoulder pad, bag, wires, etc.

- Fingers (forgot to record those, my bad)

Here's a note about the right side controls:

I wanted the orientation of the controls for right/left to be mirrored, so I duplicated the hand/foot controls, grouped them, set the scaleX of the new group to -1 (to mirror to the right side on the YZ plane), then ungrouped them.

The only detail about this technique is you can't parent the IK handles under these "mirrored" controls or they'll calculate wrong. To work around this: (1) I parented the IK handles under the "extras_grp"; (2) point-constrained the Rotate-Plane IK handle to the IK control; (3) parent-constrained the Single-Chain IK handle to the IK control.


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