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Character Rigging | Yori | Part XI

I'd like to thank my friend and Character Artist, Miki Bishop, for letting me use this character for this series.


Face Rigging: Planning, Skeleton and Skinning

Wowzers!!! Two tutorials at once??

Today I want to start on Yori's face. First I'll be talking about the planning and joint positioning, then we'll move onto some skinning tricks for the eyelids and the ribbon eyebrows using NURBs and Hair Follicles.

I think I explained it very well in the videos so this will be a short post!

I did want to draw a diagram of how the ribbon setup works for the eyebrows, in case you reached that part of the video but was confused about how it works:

Just a reminder that the ribbon_jnts don't have to be parented under her Bind Skeleton, since they're only being used to setup the ribbon. If you were to take this to a game engine, you would only export/import joints that hold important skinning information!



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