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Double Cloth Skinning

Updated: May 21

It's Tech Art Tuesday!!

Today I want to show a trick one of my teammates at AGS taught me for skinning double sided cloth.

1) First we're going to create our cloth joints. The amount and position will depend on your model density and joint number limitations.

2) Next we'll use the Create Polygon Tool to create a polygon surrounding these joints. We want the vertex of our polygon to match our joint placement, so with the tool active, we'll click on the joints while holding down "V" on our keyboard.

3) Now that we have the outline of the polygon, let's use the Cut tool to cut this vertically and horizontally. After that, we'll select the resulting vertex and make sure they're aligned to the closest joint by holdind "V" and snapping them.

4) Let's delete history and freeze transforms on the new polygon and skin it to our cloth joints. We'll also use the paint skin weights tool and make sure each vertex is skinned to one joint only. [Note: the joints you use for this skin should be the same you plan on using for the original cloth; PRO TIP: when binding skin weights, set max influences to 1]

5) Now let's copy weights from the proxy cloth mesh to the original!

6) Behold:

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