• Fernanda

FACS#2.5: WIP! + Quick script to make group-based controls

I underestimated how long this project would take to record, so it'll be postponed to next week. In the meantime, enjoy some work in progress!

I made some planning with how I'm going to use the joints and blendshapes, and started testing some of my setup.

Also, at some point I made a tutorial for group-based controls (you make a curve, put it in place and push the transforms to a group above it), so here's a quick script that makes the control for you based on what you have selected.

crv = cmds.ls(selection=True)[0] # get selected curve
crv2 = cmds.duplicate(crv) # duplicate it
cmds.parent(crv, crv2, shape = True) # parent original to duplicate
cmds.select(crv2) # select duplicate
cmds.pickWalk(direction = 'down') # get the shape node below it
cmds.delete() # delete the shape node! Ta-da!