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FACS #3: Making the Rig (Part I)

Updated: May 21, 2021

You know what day it is?

I learned a lot from my previous tutorial! For instance, I should be better prepared before recording so editing doesn't take too long lol. This time it worked out a lot better (I made a list with steps to follow and everything). I learned even more with this week's video so I'll try to make it even better in the future! Here's the tutorial for this week's FACS project Part I:

Part I showcases making the blendshape controls, connecting them to their respective blendshapes, making a skeleton and skeleton controls, and also a different setup for the eyes. I want to do some enhancements for Part II, like ribbon lips and secondary eyebrow controls.

Here's the script to compensate curves and joints that I used in the video.

Next Thursday (4/23/20) I'm releasing Part II, along with a "Post-Mortem" with some lessons and acknowledgments about the rig. I already know there are lots of things I want to improve with this project! But I'm really happy I finished at least a prototype version for now.


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