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Joint-Based Liquid Simulation Rig

Updated: May 21

After some feedback, I had the idea of doing follow up posts to Tech Art Tuesdays that feature new rig experiments. I'll call it uhhh Tech Art Thursday??

This came up because earlier this week I posted a video on LinkedIn showcasing a joint-based liquid simulation rig, and to my surprise it got me trending on the #simulation hashtag. Crazy week!

Also, I forgot to make a Tech Art Tuesday blog post about it, sorry! BY THE WAY, work and personal life have been busy, so I haven't made a Tech Art Tuesday post in like, months....? that's uhh, also my bad!

Making Tech Art Tuesday posts was one of my new year's resolutions, so I'm committed to getting back into it and making it happen!

I'm still getting the hang of making these, so my apologies if these tutorials are not great at first. I also talk very slow because English is not my first language and I try to choose my words well (I like to think before I speak I guess! A lot of people could use that skill lol!) I tried my best to speed up less important parts while still making it understandable.

Alright, without further ado, here's the breakdown as I promised.

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