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Tech Art Resources + Unsolicited Life Update

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

[ I was going to post this yesterday but it was BlackoutTuesday, and it felt disrespectful to do so. In this blog we support BLM; we also support trans rights, LGBT+ rights and human rights. If you don't like that, then get out of my damn blog. ]

This Tech Art Wednesday I'd like to share a collection of resources! I want to keep this post growing, so if you got anything I could add to the list shoot me an email or DM. Send me a smoke signal, I don't care!

Tech Art Resources

- online resources -


I love this website. They don't have every programming language but I've had a blast learning C++ there. I have the pro subscription, which I recommend if you want access to all of the languages and want to make a serious commitment. Their free courses are pretty good too!

Project Euler

LOTS of math-related programming exercises. I haven't done any yet but this website was recommended to me by a tech art friend. I'll definitely be adding some of these to my programming portfolio in the future!


Speaking of programming portfolios, a GitHub account is a great place to keep one.

ShaderToy and The Art of Code

Have you ever wanted to get into shader writing but have no idea where to start? I feel you! I highly recommend using these together. The Art of Code youtube channel has an incredible tutorial series that uses ShaderToy to teach GLSL. I already started it and I love it so far!

Website dedicated to teaching C++.

Tech Art Dungeon Discord

This is a tech art discord I made a while ago. There isn't much there in terms of activity but anyone is free to join and share their stuff/ask for feedback and/or help!

- books -

When I worked at Microsoft, my lead had this on his bookshelf and he'd let me borrow it to work on auto-rigger tools for Maya. I got my own copy recently; just keep in mind it's 100x thicker than you're probably assuming.

Unsolicited Life Update

I left the update for last because it's not as important, and unlike most other white women who have blogs, I like to give people what they came for.

I got offered a Full Time position at EA! That means I'll be moving to California soon :)

I'll probably release a reel in the next couple months so stay tuned for that!


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