• Fernanda



Fernanda like to write, but Fernanda write bad. Not just English, even Portuguese is bad too.


Ever since school, Fernanda write VERY bad. School essays? Always got bad grades, even though Fernanda try really hard :(

Fernanda self-conscious because Fernanda grew up thinking she was very stupid...(Fernanda had trouble reading and studied REALLY hard... and still only did ok! Fernanda wanted to be super straight A++++ student, but it never happened!)

Fernanda felt bad about it for a long time... then Fernanda realized:

Fernanda visual person?? Fernanda doesn't even think in words, Fernanda thinks in pictures. (Surprise! Fernanda does think!! Thinking hard!!!)

Fernanda could draw comics instead of write, but writing faster than drawing?? Fernanda busy independent woman, Fernanda has no time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fernanda faces conundrum:

Fernanda likes to share thoughts on the internet like LinkedIn guru, but Fernanda write bad!!! What do????

Fernanda doesn't have much choice!:

Fernanda try even though write bad!!! Internet can barely tell difference anyway!!!

Fernanda write this because she thought it was funny, Fernanda likes to laugh!!

Have a good day!!!


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